Our years of experience and expertise in what we do has given us keen insight into the importance of having the right fit for businesses. We have industry-leading capabilities to drive efficiency and effectiveness through our comprehensive recruitment process.

Temporary Placement

As an organisation faces workforce temporary needs or skill gaps, we help give you the agility you need by filling the gabs. Whether you need a single person for one of your departments or a whole team to work, in corporate office. SBP recruitment can provide the talent you need to give you the flexibility you need.

Permanent Placement

Connecting the skills and potential of individuals to your business is difficult when sourcing talent. In collaboration with you, we develop a deep understanding of your organisations culture, talent needs and business objectives. Then we apply our recruiting expertise to deliver the right people for your organisation, giving you an impeccable team.

Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Our outsourcing arrangements grow from a client –service provider agreement into a strategic partnership. As far as we are concerned, the objective is to secure a long-term engagement of services to deliver the BEST!

we have a special scheme which furnishes our clients with all categories of staff who will work permanently for our client and yet remain on our payroll. This scheme allows u to relieve our clients of the administrative burden of managing staff. SBP handles all the personal related functions associated with the staff, including recruitment, contracting, payments of salaries and attendance management responsibilities. This scheme allows business owners and HR managers to focus on business strategy and broader policy issue.

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