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A company is looking for well qualified employee to fill the vacant role as a PR to:

  • Establish an efficient relationship network
  • Improve communication with government agencies according to the business plan


  • Formulate public relations work plans with government agencies
  • Maintain and develop good relations with government agencies
  • Obtain government support and create a good business operating environment for the business of Transsion.
  • Pay close attention to the status and changes of relevant government policies, and provide professional advice and suggestions for the business operations and major decisions for Transsion Holdings.
  • Responsible for following up the implementation of government, coordinating and reception work and drafting publicity information documents;
  • Participate in related public affairs activities on behalf of our company, improve Transsion Holdings’ awareness and brand image in public;
  • Assist in applying for relevant business qualifications or certificate licenses if necessary.
  • Flexible handling of various emergency matters with capable public relations ability
  • Establish and improve public relations and put in measures to avoid potential public relations crisis.


  • Degree in PR or related fields.
  • Minimum of two years’ experience.
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