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We are seeking an experienced, creative marketing employee to join our growing organization. In this position, you will use a multitude of platforms to convert ads and promotions to increase revenue for the company. You will seek to build and increase brand awareness through both traditional and new media campaigns.


  • Build brand awareness through various media outlets
  • Plan sales and advertising campaigns
  • Identify potential markets and generating leads
  • Experience in building an extensive sales pipelines and converting them into sales
  • Work within various multimedia outlets to promote our services
  • Present our service proposals to clients and work with them to strategize and close deals according to their needs
  • Work within a team of marketers to collaboratively create an ad campaign
  • Keep track of and balance budgets
  • Establish beneficial pricing strategies
  • Using events, forums, seminars etc. to reach out to decision makers as well as project brand.


  • Previous experience in recruitment sales, marketing, advertising, and brand management
  • Experience in social media marketing and content development
  • Oral communication and aggressive sales targeting skills
  • Extensive knowledge of current and relevant markets
  • Willingness to try innovative marketing strategies
  • Excellent time management, able to balance many projects at a time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration or related field.
  • HND/Diploma in marketing
  • SHS with WASSCE certicate
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